Its all about creating SUSTAINABLE HABITS that make you feel good!

I Feel Good Summit


Physical Activity

Arts & Crafts






Stress Management

Vegetable Gardening

Change Something In Your Life!





These are the top 10 lifeskills recommended by World Health Organization 

WHO life skills

And these are the pillars of wellness!

So what is the connection between life skills & pillars of wellness?

Well, the fact is the “life skills” recommended by WHO can only be mastered by paying attention to your needs in a wholesome manner i.e the “pillars of wellness”.

At the same time in today’s action packed world we have actually forgotten how to take care of ourselves.

We have forgotten how to feel good about ourself!

We are constantly running. We are constantly trying to achieve something!

We have in some way forgotten how it feels to pause, slow down, focus on ourselves, take care of ourselves and do the things that we love & enjoy the most!





(Oct 26th – Oct 29th)

Its all about feeling good
A 4 – day virtual event featuring LIVE & recorded presentations & workshops centered around topics that leave you “FEELING GOOD”

Arts & Crafts
  • Painting
  • Flower arrangement
  • Jewellery
  • Calligraphy
  • Pastels
  • Soap making
  • Zentangle
  • Cooking
  • Preventing diabetes
  • Gut health and mood
  • Writing as a healing medium
  • Brain fitness
  • Visioning Meditation
Money Management
  • Why should you have a “will”
  • Managing your money smartly
  • Capsule wardrobes
  • Living life with sustainable products
Active Living
  • Yoga
  • Chair yoga
  • Dance
  • Circuit training

Why would you want to feel good?

Research tells us that…..
Feeling good increases your own personal attractiveness, and that brings you even more good feelings. These good feelings are very instrumental in living a better quality of life!

What is so special about

“I feel Good Summit”

The summit focuses on learning SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE BEHAVIOURS.
I feel good summit

Learn sustainable behaviours

Learn habits that you can stick to and follow for life. Do things by default!

I feel good summit

Reach your real potential

Feeling good increases your ability to achieve more and realize hidden strengths.

I feel good summit

Make selfcare your lifestyle

Making self-care as part of the way you live your life is like breathing!

I feel good summit

Make selfcare your culture

Integrating selfcare in your life makes it a no brainer and has magical results.

Take care of your physical health

Your nutritional and physical needs with proper nutrition & active living

Take care of your mental health

Take charge of your mood, feelings and behaviours and improve your quality of life

Take care of your emotional health

Managing your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors to cope with life’s challenges.

Take care of your spiritual health

Find purpose, balance and direction in your life so you are happy & content

Take care of your social health

Create meaningful relationships that offer positivity in your life

Take care of your environmental health

Create a safe, hygenic and healthy home & workspace

Take care of your intellectual health

Continually engage your mind, build new skills & knowledge that inspire & challenge you, & help you grow.

Take care of your financial health

Learn to live within your means and plan for the future appropriately.

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What’s the deal with “I Feel Good Summit”

Never before has there been an online event that focuses on all the pillars of wellness i.e: physical, mental, social, emotional, financial, environmental and intellectual. This event has been carefully crafted with the main goal of providing you with a deep dive into understanding the REAL MEANING OF FEELING GOOD & HEALTH. 


    Think about this… how would your life be if you felt good about the way you are living?

BUT first lets begin with what does feeling good actually mean?

You can feel good by doing anything that makes you happy in that moment.

It could be small activities like painting, dancing, meditating etc.

It is up to you to choose what you wish to do – something that gives you the feeling of peace, joy, happiness or even gratitude. You do not have to spend $$$$ to feel good.

So how do you feel good?

The simplest way is to CHANGE your feelings about ourselves and actually choose to feel good even before you have achieved what you actually want to achieve. When we change our thoughts about ourselves, have a positive self to self relationship – things change dramatically! And we do that by taking care of ourselves. Taking care of our physical, mental, social, emotional, spiritual, intellectual, environmental & financial needs.


What happens when you FEEL GOOD?

Well, your life changes for the better. Research tells us that happy people, as compared with less happy people, tend to have greater immune system function, a reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, and report greater marriage and job satisfaction.

Some more benefits of feeling good!

There is a lot of research that goes to prove that people who feel good about themselves…


Lead happier, fulfilled & enriched lives


Spend the least amount of time alone, and the most time socializing.


Have good relationships


Improve their cognition by increasing mental productivity


Have even more happy thoughts


Have better health habits


Have stronger immune systems


Live longer than pessimists


Improve their ability to analyze and think


Have Increased attentiveness

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The Summit is for you if….

productivity- I feel good summit

You are looking to increase your productivity in both your personal and professional life.

I feel good summit

You are tired of feeling unhappy about how your life has been and really want to FEEL GOOD.

I feel good summit

You want to develop sustainable health habits.

I feel good summit


You want to change your life for the better and know your actual potential.

I feel good summit


You want to create the best version of yourself and your life.

white rabbit on green grass field

You want to be fully present in everything you do and for your loved ones.

I feel good summit


You want to change the life of others.

I feel good summit


You want to change the way people think of you and more importantly how you feel about yourself.

I feel good summit


You want to develop a positive self- to-self relationship.

I feel good summit

You want to stop chasing shiny objects that you hope will make happy and understand the real source of happiness. 

Join the “Wellness Movement”. 

Feel Good!

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Attend the event in your pyjamas. How much better could it get!!!!

Learn From Home, Practice in the Studio

Get the supplies and practice in your homes.

Access Class Recordings Forever

Purchase the summit and get unlimited access to the recordings. Who knows I maight throw in some extras at a later date. So you have nothing to lose!


Attend Live or Watch Later

Attend the LIVE sessions at the scheduled time and the pre-recorded ones for 24 hrs. 

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